Friday, 31 August 2012

Engine Timing (bullet)

In this thread, we will explain how to time our engines with simple steps.

If we remove the time cover, as you can see, there 6 big gears and a small one:

1. Exhaust cam shaft gear

2. Intake cam shaft gear

3. Non work gear

4. Non work gear

5. Ignition gear

6. Crankshaft  gear


As you can see in the photo, the N.1 N.2 and N.6 gears are marked with dots.

** In case you can't see the dot in N.6 gear, you have to remove the nut, but be careful because this nut is clockwise. After that you will see the dot. Then tighten up this with 9.2 kg torque **

Step 1 : Bring the odd dots from N.1 and N.2 dot gears, face to face.

Step 2 : Bring the double dot from N.1 gear face with the dot from N.6 gear.


P.S.1 After that, use only the gasket for timing cover but no gasket glue

P.S.2 Sorry for my bad English.

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