Friday, 31 August 2012

Engine Timing (bullet)

In this thread, we will explain how to time our engines with simple steps.

If we remove the time cover, as you can see, there 6 big gears and a small one:

1. Exhaust cam shaft gear

2. Intake cam shaft gear

3. Non work gear

4. Non work gear

5. Ignition gear

6. Crankshaft  gear


As you can see in the photo, the N.1 N.2 and N.6 gears are marked with dots.

** In case you can't see the dot in N.6 gear, you have to remove the nut, but be careful because this nut is clockwise. After that you will see the dot. Then tighten up this with 9.2 kg torque **

Step 1 : Bring the odd dots from N.1 and N.2 dot gears, face to face.

Step 2 : Bring the double dot from N.1 gear face with the dot from N.6 gear.


P.S.1 After that, use only the gasket for timing cover but no gasket glue

P.S.2 Sorry for my bad English.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

decarbonising/decoke enfield cylinder head-piston

after a problem with a broken oil  pump (feed) , i had to open my bullet's engine. So i try to decoke its aluminum and full of carbon cylinder head. We must use only mechanical ways to clean it (no chemical) just gasoline and nothing more.

At start, i had a problem with the cylinder head of the engine. I could not remove, so i tried an "old fashion" way. I heated it with full of attention. At the end, the head was removed with success.

As you can see, there are many of carbon remains 

 The tools i used were a paintbrush, some wire brushes, electric drill with a wire brush tool and a  metal tweezer.

 Take a bowl with gasoline and put the items there. Take the paintbrush and a sand paper and remove the carbon as best as you can. Then try with the electric drill with the wirebrush tool. Please be gentle because the valves are from steel but the the cylinder head from aluminum, so you don't want to hollow out or trench your cylinder head. You will repeat the same way for your piston too (try with a cloth with gasoline to remove the remains from the piston rings).

I have to say that i polished the piston with a brush that i use for aluminum with the electric drill, but don't forget to clean carefully the piston with gasoline after that.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

engine problem (bad news)

 all the bad news started after a night ride. something started to make a "bad" sound, the engine stopped and then...

 the intake pushrod was not in its place...

 the valve stem cap was not in the valve too

 and you can see that the cylinder head run out of oil. and these are the result of the high temp in the rockerset

 this was the reason of the damage. a broken feed oil pump (india made)

bad  news and luck too. i hope that the valves are ok...just hope